Why Rosemary Farm is Your Best Option

- A majority of Rosemary Farm's Specialty line of eggs are locally produced by a cooperative of Central Coast Farmers.
- Rosemary Farm can guarantee you fresh eggs no matter what time of year.
- Each Rosemary Farm egg represents our tradition of respect for the care of our community, our hens, our environment, our customers and our future.
- Rosemary Farm's white eggs are produced by our sister company Dakota Layers, a cooperative of over 100 farmer families in South Dakota.
- Their farming practices focus on healthy, happy hens, including the new, enrichable colony systems allowing the birds space to perch, scratch and nest.
- They are nourished by locally grown vegetarian feed that never includes animal by-products.
- Our eggs are never stored or overstocked, like most out-of-state egg suppliers.
- Because we don't store or overstock our eggs, Rosemary Farm delivers fresh eggs on a regular basis to our customers. We are known for our on-time deliveries and knowledgeable staff.
- Rosemary Farm is not your typical supplier of eggs; most suppliers are not both producers and distributors.
- We are Proposition 2 compliant!


Our family is proud to be a Rosemary farm family! We are very happy to have access to local cage free eggs; not everyone is so lucky! We're frequently helping Albertson's in Lompoc, sell out of them. I can recall in elementary school when I was a child, we incubated and hatched chicks from your farm. Thank you for the care you put into everything you do, it is an honor to have you as part of the central coast community!
I grew up in Santa Maria and grew up eating Rosemary Farm eggs. Well I went to the Tower Mart here in Marysville Ca. There were your eggs so I got them and guess what? Not only did they bring back memories they were as good as I remember if not better. Keep up the great job. You want quality you want Rosemary Farm eggs.
Just love these eggs! A couple of times got double yokes...reminds me of my childhood when my mother would call for me to show me double yokes saying it was our lucky day!

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