Eat Your Veggies

Eat Your Veggies


We grew up hearing it all the time, “Eat your veggies.” But did you know that pairing your veggies with eggs can improve the nutritive value of a salad, in more than one way (details here).

Here are some egg’cellent dishes that feature veggies and of course, eggs! It’s time to start enjoying your veggies in a new and egg’citing way!

Poached Egg over Spinach Polenta with Crispy Mushrooms & Herbs

Southwestern Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad with Poached Egg

Roasted Veggies With Easy Fried Egg

BLT Breakfast Salad With Soft Boiled Eggs & Avocado

Spring Salad of Asparagus, Ramps, Snap Peas, and Peas, with Poached Egg and Lemon Zest Vinaigrette

Have a great Tuesday!
– Rosemary Farm

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