Why the abundance of “double-yolks”?

Why the abundance of “double-yolks”?

Many of you have reached out and asked us, “Why am I getting so many double yolks in Rosemary Farm Jumbo Eggs?” We’re going to let one of our professionals in egg laying, Miss Henrietta tell you why:


I am first and foremost so happy to be laying delicious, nutritious, and JUMBO eggs for you. However, I am a very young lady and sometimes when I lay larger eggs, the two egg yolks released into my oviduct are too close together and end up encased within the same shell. But don’t be alarmed – my double yolkers are completely safe to eat. I hope you enjoy them!

Here are some of our customer highlights in regards to the egg’normous amount of double yolk eggs, starting with the video AMAZING!! 9 DOUBLE YOKE EGGS IN A ROW!! by Craig Burnie Burns from Laguna Beach, California.


Customer comments:

I bought a carton of jumbo Rosemary Farm eggs at the Ojai Westridge Market.  To my great surprise, when cracking the first egg into the skillet, looking up at me was a double-yolked egg.  I cracked the second one… another double yolker.  I said to myself, “It must be my lucky day.”  Little did I know that ALL four of the eggs I cracked into my pan were going to be double-yolkers!  (I have a picture to prove it.)  Well, with each proceeding crack of an egg, another double yolker appeared until the carton was empty.  I decided to write to see if you had an explanation that I can pass on to others in my family.  They think I am playing some kind of “yolk joke” on them.  (I bought another dozen today… who knows?  A triple yolk???  Your chickens are spoiling my husband and myself… they are our favorite for great taste, too!

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Out of two different cartons of your eggs, white eggs, bought from Grocery Outlet in San Diego by West Point Loma Blvd. eight of eight eggs are double yolks per egg, – those which have been used so far,….. cooked on the skillet. Wondering why such high proportion(100% in this case so far) of double yolk?

We were wondering if you’ve recently changed feeds or gotten different chickens, or something else that would account for the large number of double yolked eggs we’ve been seeing recently.  Since about mid-January we’ve had an unusual (based on previous Rosemary Farms experience) number of double yolks.  In the last 2 dozen cartons we purchased we had 19 double yolked eggs. We buy your extra large size, and mostly purchase at El Rancho market in Solvang/Santa Ynez.

My dozen eggs from carton P1888 sop:023 had all double yolks. Should I buy a lottery ticket???

Via Facebook comment: Hey I got double yolks in every egg of the last dozen jumbo eggs I bought! I have only seen doubles every once in a blue moon… What gives? Is this a specific breed?


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