Delicious ways to use up those leftover Easter eggs.

The bunny has come and gone, but now your stuck with a basket of leftover eggs. Fear not! We have 12 delicious ways to use up those hard-boiled eggs.

Nutrient-rich eggs that are easy and delicious!

Recipe via Amy Gorin Nutrition

Give your traditional egg salad an edge.

Recipe via Life Best

You’ll never want a plain, ol’ deviled egg again!

Recipe via Beautiful East & Things

Simple, nourishing snack that’s ridiculously tasty & equally as good for you.

Recipe via Katie Cavuto

It’s not a BBQ without this salad.

Recipe via Erika’s Gluten Free Kitchen

Artistically put together, appealing to the eye, and pleasing to the palate.

Recipe via Sugar Loves Spice

The perfect, pretty appetizer for any holiday.

Recipe via Emily Kyle Nutrition

A total crowd pleaser with only 7 ingredients.

Recipe via The Crowded Table

A classic appetizer gets a quick update!

Recipe via Foodal
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