Ali’s Place

Ali’s Place is equipped with state-of-the-art automated mobile coops located within the country side of the Central Coast, more precisely, just outside of Los Alamos, California. This farm is made up of 2,000 hens with 5 acres to roam. They are looked after by the Monighetti Family, where they enjoy basking in the sun, foraging for insects and bugs. These automated coops allow the birds to be let out a little after sunrise and then are closed in, to protect them from predators, a little after sunset. While in the coops they are able to perch, scratch and nest as they please. This farm provides Rosemary Farm with different shades of both green and brown eggs. A few breeds that call Ali’s place home are Americanas, Golden Buffs and Lohman Browns. These farmers follow Rosemary Farm’s high standards when it comes to raising their hens. Their main priority is the welfare of their flocks, as well as providing the consumer with the freshest and safest egg possible.

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