Caring For Our Girls Starts at Day One

Did you know? We raise our chickens from day one? That’s right! Raising our birds from day one allows us to maintain enhanced quality control and biosecurity measures throughout the entire poultry cycle.

Our babies arrive at day one in a climate controlled semi-truck. Upon arrival, we welcome them to their new homes by hand feeding them for the first 2 days as well as tripping their water nipples so they learn how to find their water and food.

tripping their water nipples

hand feeding the chicks

Here’s a fun fact: a truck load of feed will normally last just over one week (just like human-babies, chicks love to eat!)

In addition to clean water and food at all times, we maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature, between 90 and 92 degrees. Over a 3 week period, we gradually decrease the temperature to 72 degrees.

Around 16 weeks, our girls are moved to our layer farm and begin laying their first eggs.

Our pullet facility is located approximately 12 miles south of our laying farm.

learning to eat & drink on their own

ready to move to my new home