Meet Dakota Layers

Cage Free Eggs

What matters most to us at Rosemary Farm is making sure every hen is happy! Because a happy hen makes a wholesome egg.

Dakota Layers is proud to raise their hens with the same level of care you would want for your own family.

Unlike other producers, who just removed the doors on their cages, Dakota Layers completely removed the cages and replaced them with the newest cage free systems available.

Just look how happy their girls are!

The Dakota Layers family is proud to produce Cage Free Eggs. Their main priorities are the care of the hens as well as the safety and quality of their eggs. Advancements in hen housing as well as efficiencies in feed, water and manure management have allowed them to significantly reduce our environmental footprint. Everything they do, from choosing a blend of nutrients to feed the hens to designing barns to house them, is centered around creating healthy, safe food for you and your family.

Dakota Layers’ hens live in a temperature controlled environment with access to clean water and feed at all times. Keeping the hens indoors allows them to monitor their health as well as keep them protected from predators and disease. Their cage free hens are free to roam about for nesting, sleeping, eating and drinking. Each house is equipped with an advanced belt system that is programmed to not only bring food to the hens, but also collects the eggs for processing and carries away the manure to our compost facility. The manure is then dried and placed back onto local farm fields.

After the eggs enter the processing facility, they are washed, sanitized, candled, graded and onto be packed. Amazingly, a human never touches these eggs until they are placed into their carton! Talk about Fresh – When Freshness Matters to you and your family, Rosemary Farm is the right choice!

Cage Free Housing

Our cage free hens can freely roam vertically and horizontally. Nutritious feed, developed by poultry nutritionist, and clean water are available at all times. Our hens can exhibit natural behaviors and enjoy enrichments such as nests, perches and scratch areas. 


Nest boxes facilitate egg collection, minimize hen pecking and keep eggs from litter. The nest is covered with a flap, and the dark environment encourages egg lay.


Perches allow hens to rest naturally and enable the hens to move into the system or down to the floor area.

Scratch Areas

Our hens have protection from predators and access to litter areas to scratch, forage and dust bathe.


We truly care about our hens and know healthy and well-cared for hens produce safe, nutritious, quality eggs. For these reasons, we take great pride in achieving the highest level of accreditations.

UEP Certified Cage-Free

We’re proud to produce and supply UEP Certified Cage-Free eggs. Our hens are raised with the highest standards of care!

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SQF Certified

SQF certification showcases our commitment to a culture of food safety and operational excellence in food safety management.

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