Easter Egg Decorating & Crafts

Make the most of the season with tips for at-home egg decorating activities.

Easter Recipes

Connect with loved ones this Easter with easy at-home recipes everyone can prepare.

Easter & Egg Safety

If you do plan to eat your Easter eggs after the big celebration, just follow these simple rules.

  • Wash your hands between all the steps of cooking, cooling, dyeing and decorating.
  • Keep the eggs refrigerated as much as possible. Put them back into the refrigerator whenever you’re not working with them.
  • After you’ve found all the hidden eggs, throw out any that are cracked or have been out at room temperature for more than two hours.
  • Be sure that all the decorating materials you use are food safe.
  • If you hide the decorated eggs, put them where they won’t come into contact with pets, other animals, birds or lawn chemicals.