10 Egg Nog Inspired Recipes For Your Holiday Shenanigans!

Who here loves Egg Nog?! We do! Being that it’s National Egg Nog Day, what better than to round up some great recipes?!10

In the event that you don’t want to just DRINK Egg Nog, there’s 9 other recipes that include Egg Nog, but we, of course, had to include one traditional recipe for that good ol’ Egg Nog.

Homemade Egg Nog


To me, eggnog is the iconic Christmas drink. When we were little, around Christmastime, Mom would carefully pour out mini glasses of the thick, wonderfully flavored beverage and cut it with a bit of milk. We savored what little we got from the small carton.

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Soft Frosted Egg Nog Cookies


Did the holiday season sneak up on anyone else out there or just me? Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving was so late, but either way I am just now getting into the spirit of things- statting with these cookies.

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Egg Nog Eclair Cake


This Egg Nog Eclair Cake is creamy, spicy, sweet, delicious and surprisingly simple to make! Bet you…

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Egg Nog Ice Cream


Holiday eggnog does double duty in this luscious, light and creamy delicately flavored ice cream.

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Mini Egg Nog Cupcakes


My family drinks egg nog like it’s going out of style during the holidays! While I was downing a glass of eggy goodness the other night, I thought how good an egg nog cupcake would be and before I kne

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Egg Nog Fudge


There’s very few “unhealthy” food/beverages Mr. Prevention doesn’t enjoy and so continues the my unsolved mystery as to why he remains skinny and I…not so skinny. Like I told my mom last night, I’ll just hope and pray that our kids favor him when it comes to body structure. I digress.

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Egg Nog Bread Recipe

My kids LOVE this bread almost as much and my husband and I do. This Egg Nog Bread recipe is perfect for the holidays and is always a hit with neighbors and co-workers, too! Egg Nog Bread and Icing R

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Cranberry Egg Nog Tart


Cranberry Eggnog Tart

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Egg Nog Pie


Turn everyone’s favorite holiday drink into a rich (and amazingly simple) dessert. With just six ingredients, this pie comes together in minutes. Use a store-bought crust or make with your own personal favorite single crust recipe.

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Egg Nog Cinnamon Rolls


A little over a week ago, I decided I had waited long enough. Even though it barely felt like fall in my warm little corner of California, I had the biggest craving for eggnog, so I caved the weekend before Thanksgiving. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

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