11 Brilliant Egg Hacks That Will Change Your Mornings Forever

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When eggs are a part of every morning, the whole crack-and-scramble routine starts to feel, um, eggceptionally boring. Meanwhile, the perfect poach starts to seem too elusive, too confusing and altogether too much work.

It’s time to get your egg hack on. These brilliant tricks make perfect poached eggs, delicious one-minute egg bakes, and omelets with waffle-iron cracks so deep, they could absorb just about any amount of Sriracha. Prepare yourself for an eggcellent morning.

1. Use a poaching bag for the easiest poach of your life.

The bags are cheap, disposable and the best thing since poached eggs themselves. Just simmer your egg in a bag, and it’s good to go.

fried egg onion


2. Fry your eggs in onion rings.

Chances are you already have an onion on hand, and these perfectly circular fried eggs come out sandwich-ready.

fried egg onion


3. Don’t peel hard-boiled eggs … just slice them.

Cut right through the egg with a knife, then whisk the shell off. It’s infinitely faster.

(Photo Credit: NoBiggie)


4. Make hard-boiled eggs in the oven.

Not only does a muffin tin allow you to “hard boil” more eggs at once, but Alton Brown says cooking them in the oven makes for a creamier egg inside.

(Photo Credit: The Burlap Bag)


5. Whip up a magical “golden egg.”

It’s like a hard-boiled egg, except everything’s yellow inside. The secret turns out to be an old T-shirt and some arm muscles.



6. And don’t forget: you can make omelets in a waffle iron.
flight attendant crash pad
(Photo Credit: Kat’s Kitchen Collective)


7. Separate yolks with a water bottle for easy egg whites.

This magical method eliminates the whole goop-between-the-shell process.

scramble egg in shell


8. Microwave an egg in a ramekin for a one-minute breakfast.

It literally takes 60 seconds — and one dish — to make this baked egg lookalike.



9. Or bake dozens of eggs in muffin tins for a big breakfast crew.

Consider it an in-home McDonald’s.

scramble egg in shell
(Photo Credit: Macheesmo)


10. Make multiple omelets at once, in plastic bags.

This trick allows everyone in your group to DIY their own toppings, but it eliminates the need for a zillion different pans.

(Photo Credit: Homemade Ginger)


11. And when all else fails, use Julia Child’s poached egg trick that works every time.

Boil the egg for 10 seconds before cracking it into water, and you’ll achieve a perfectly oval poached shape. Because who’s an egg master? YOU ARE!

(Photo Credit: New York Times)

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