The Trick To Perfectly Boiled Eggs, Every Time

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There’s a decent amount of guess work that goes into boiling eggs, and not a lot of room for error. The difference between soft boiled or hard boiled is just a matter of minutes. And should you forget to set a timer — which happens to us more times than we care to admit — you can count on really, really hard boiled eggs (which are perfectly edible, just not nearly as delicious).

Soft boiled eggs are usually done after about six minutes of cooking in boiling water. And hard boiled eggs are at their best after 10 minutes. (Anything past that and you risk getting that gross green or black rim around the yolk that happens when eggs are overcooked.)

Like this gross green-rimmed specimen…

credit: Irina Iglina via Getty Images


When you could be enjoying this perfection of a boiled egg…

credit: luminouslens via Getty Images

For such a simple dish, boiling eggs can get kind of complicated. So when we learned about the Egg-Perfect timer — a timer that is placed with the eggs in the water as they cook letting you know when the right doneness has been reached — we were pretty excited.

We usually scoff at new kitchen gadgets, but this one is actually pretty handy. The timer works by absorbing heat, relying on temperature (not time) to determine doneness. It lets you know when the eggs are soft or hard boiled by changing colors. The timer automatically adapts to the number of eggs and the level of water in the pot. Its small size means it won’t clutter your kitchen, plus it’s only $6 at Williams-Sonoma.

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