Meet Our Farmers

The quality and freshness of our products starts at the farm. All of our producers are family-owned and operated. We cultivate meaningful partnerships with our producers while striving to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers to consistently deliver quality products at affordable prices. When Freshness Matters, Choose Rosemary Farm!

Dakota Layers

Cage Free Eggs

Meet the Dakota Layers family who produces our Cage Free Eggs. Their farm is centered around creating healthy, safe food for you and your family.

Dakota Eggs

Free Range Eggs

The Dakota Layers family produces our Free Range Eggs on their newest farm. Their hens are free to roam throughout their barns and have the additional freedom of spending time outdoors.

The Cowboys

Pasture Raised Eggs

Meet the Cowboys, Keith and Johnny. They produce our beautiful assortment of Pasture Raised Eggs just outside of Los Alamos, CA.