It’s #ReadABookDay! Check out these great children’s books featuring chickens! Do you have a favorite to add to our list?

Tough Chicks

From the moment Penny, Polly, and Molly hatch from their eggs, the whole farm knows they are truly tough chicks. They wrestle worms, rope roosters, and are often found under the hood of the tractor. All the other animals and even the farmer himself tell Mama Hen to make her chicks good. “They are good!” Mama Hen replies. But could her chicks be too loud, too independent, and too tough? Lively language and bold illustrations capture all the fun and humor of this delightfully different farmyard romp that’s also a resounding endorsement for letting girls be girls (even if they’re loud and tough and like to play with tractors.) Ages 4-8

Big Egg

One morning Hen wakes up and finds a gigantic egg in her nest. Whose ege can it be? Here’s a hint, Hen–it doesn’t belong to that wily Fox!  Ages 4-6

The Chicken and the Dog

The Chicken and the Dog is a beautifully illustrated children’s book written by Andre and Amanda Maxwell with illustrations by Jill Carter of Olympia, Washington. This story was inspired by the loss of the family’s beloved hen, Crimson who was a victim of a raccoon raid in their backyard chicken coop. The story has been read and enjoyed by children across the country and has continued to gain attention and praise from children and adults!


One stormy night, a lost and lonely owl walks into a farmyard looking for a place to sleep. After a restful night in the henhouse, Owl wakes to discover that the hens want him to leave. They’re looking for a rooster, not an owl! How will Owl convince his new friends that he should stay? With action-packed illustrations, this hilarious picture book will be a story-time hit! Ages 4 and Up

Henny Penny

A timeless classic!

Cock-a-doodle Boo!

The Pop-Up Storybook series features classic stories with a modern twist. With lovable and impressive pop-up characters on every page and charming illustrations, these stories will capture children’s interests and spark their imagination page after page.

Stuck in the Mud

Early in the morning, down on the farm, a new day was dawning, peaceful and calm . . . until Hen discovers that one of her chicks is stuck in the mud!
How many animals will it take to pull Chick out of the mud?
A fun-packed farmyard romp with a surprise foldout ending!

The Little Red Hen

Beloved illustrator J. P. Miller’s graphic, colorful farm animals seem to jump right off the page—but they aren’t jumping to help the Little Red Hen plant her wheat! Young children will learn a valuable lesson about teamwork from this funny, favorite folktale.