Rosemary Farm’s Eggs Are 100% Safe to Eat

Concerned about the latest Salmonella outbreak? You can rest assured that all Rosemary Farm’s eggs are 100% safe to eat! We take pride in utilizing the highest safety measures within the industry. When it comes to Salmonella, one of the biggest differences at our farm is our manure management. Our hen houses are equipped with belts specifically used to remove the manure out the backside of the houses every day.  From there, it travels to our manure building where it is dried, composted and used as fertilizer on crop fields.

On the flip side, each egg travels on a separate, clean belt towards the front of the house. From there, they move to our in-line washing and processing facility that checks for any type of dirt and even invisible cracks. Finally, after they pass inspection they are packed, loaded onto a refrigerated truck and on their way to your local stores and restaurants within 36-48 hours of being laid! When freshness and safety matter to you and your family, you can be certain that Rosemary Farm is the right choice!