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At SLO Veg we are passionate about eating locally because it creates a feeling of connectedness. This connectedness involves a relationship between consumers and growers and a relationship between people and the earth. We believe that not only is it important to support your local economy, it is also important to support the environment. A huge step in doing so is by understanding the entire process from seed to table. How the plant was grown, tended, harvested, and how it got to our plates.

We hope that by understanding this process, we can make better food choices that are healthy for ourselves and for the earth. Our goal at SLO Veg is to spread this awareness through community service and education. Not only do we want to provide an excellent local harvest service, we also want to urge the community to make the food/earth connection and get involved within the community.

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6 Ct. Pasture Raised Eggs

10 Ct. Pasture Raised Eggs