Why Choose Rosemary Farm?

  • One of the oldest egg producers and distributors in California.

    We have been providing high-quality, fresh eggs to the Central Coast since we were established in 1925, making us one of the oldest egg producers and distributors in California.

    • Unlike many California egg suppliers, Rosemary Farm is both a producer and a distributor – we know where our eggs come from.
  • One of the Freshest Eggs in the Market.

    Our “in-line” state-of-the-art facility allows our eggs to be laid, processed and packed and on their way to California within 12 hours of being laid! This is very different from most California facilities where the eggs are first placed in cool storage for up to 30 days before they are even processed and packed.

    • Rosemary Farm eggs go from chicken to shelf within a matter of days, making our eggs one of the freshest in the market.
  • Exceptional Service and On-Time Deliveries.

    We pride ourselves with exceptional service and on-time deliveries.

    • Rosemary Farm has a great team, full of knowledge, that play a key role in the safety and quality of our products.
  • Continually Adapts to the Growing Demand of the Consumer.

    We have great respect and devotion to our community, our hens, our environment, our customers, and our future.

    • Rosemary Farm continually adapts to the growing demand of the consumer, but never compromises our traditions and standards.