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A Closer Look at Our Eggs

Rosemary Farm was founded in 1925 by Captain G. Allan Hancock. We've upheld his commitment to community, quality, and the ethical treatment of hens ever since.

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We're on a mission to deliver the freshest eggs to our community and customers, and our approach is unlike any other. We source our eggs from a carefully selected group of small producers in California and South Dakota who must meet our standards of ethical hen treatment and egg quality.

We never store or overstock our eggs, and our inline egg system means that no human touches our eggs until they are in a carton or box. Our exceptional service and on-time deliveries mean that Rosemary Farm eggs go from chicken to shelf in only a matter of days. This makes our eggs some of the freshest and highest quality in the market.

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“We grew up eating Rosemary Farm Eggs, Mom wouldn’t eat any other brand. And now I only use Rosemary Farm Eggs. The Best always fresh!”

— Sonya Garcia
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Favorite Recipes

Rosemary Farm eggs taste great served on their own and they enhance any meal. Here are some of our favorite recipes that taste great using Rosemary Farm's quality eggs.

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We're always excited to share our passion for eggs. Check out our blog to learn more about our favorite source of protein and a delicious addition to a well-balanced diet.

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