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Pasture-Raised Eggs

Pasture-raised eggs are laid by hens who live outdoors and have full access to everything the natural world has to offer. Our naturally colored, pasture-raised eggs are produced by our California hens.

Where to Buy Pasture-Raised Eggs

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What Are Pasture-Raised Eggs?

Pasture-raised eggs are laid by hens who freely roam the great outdoors on one of our family farms. Our hens have boundless opportunities to live an active lifestyle expressing their natural behaviors in a natural habitat.

We're passionate about the ethical treatment of hens. The care and freedom our pasture-raised hens receive promote a healthier lifestyle for them and better eggs for your family.

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Benefits of Pasture-Raised Eggs

Rosemary Farm's pasture-raised eggs come from hens who spend most of their lives outside. They forage for their favorite foods and receive all-natural, vegetarian feed rich in protein to produce quality you can taste in every egg. Explore all products to find the egg that fits your family.

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