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Integrity informs every decision we make, especially when it comes to the treatment of our hens. Animal welfare matters to our customers and it matters to us, too. We prioritize happy hens at Rosemary Farm for two reasons: Treating our livestock ethically is the right thing to do, and we know that the happiest hens lay the best eggs.

Rosemary Farm only sources eggs from partner farmers who share our values of sustainability and quality. The partners we work with practice sustainable farming in many ways, including using chicken manure as fertilizer. When we select a partner farm, we're not satisfied with the "good enough" standards set by USDA. We'll only partner with a farm if the owners go above and beyond in terms of hen treatment and egg quality to produce the best eggs around.

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Our Cage-Free Farm

UEP & SQF certified cage-free eggs

Rosemary Farm and our partners are all UEP & SQF certified, so you can trust that our process is ethical and safe. The UEP (United Egg Producers) certification means that independent auditors have surveyed our farms and determined that we meet UEP standards for optimal hen well-being.

These standards are backed by decades of research and recommendations from an independent Scientific Advisory Committee. We're also SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified and never cut corners when it comes to food safety.

About Cage-Free Eggs

Our Cage-Free Housing

Our cage-free hens can freely roam the ground floor of their barns and explore lofted areas. High-quality feed developed by poultry nutritionists and clean water are available for them at all times so they can exhibit natural behaviors and enjoy enrichments such as nests, perches, and scratch areas.


Nest boxes facilitate egg collection, minimize hen pecking, and keep eggs separated from litter. The nests are covered with flaps and the dark environment encourages hens to lay.


Hens instinctively seek out lofted areas to protect themselves from predators. Our perches allow hens to rest naturally and enable them to move into the lofted perch system or down to the floor area.

Scratch Areas

Our hens have access to the litter area to scratch, forage, and dust bathe.

Our Free-Range Farm

Exceeding free-range standards for superior quality

Free-range hens live partly indoors and partly outdoors. Our free-range eggs come from hens fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. You'll taste the freshness and distinctively rich yolk that sets these eggs apart from ordinary supermarket brands.

About Free-Range Eggs

Meet Our Free-Range Girls

Free-range hens live in barns designed to ensure their natural needs are met. The absence of cages allows the hens to roam freely throughout, access private and comfortable nesting spaces, have continuous access to plentiful healthy food and clean water, and leave their barns to spend time outdoors. Their freedom and flexibility helps them live stress-free lives and lay great eggs.

White hen named Abby


  • Azur breed
  • Breed traces back to Chile
  • Rare hen species
  • Lays distinct blue eggs
About Abby's Eggs
Brown hen named Betty


  • Bovan Brown breed
  • Docile and adaptable breed
  • Produces superior eggs
  • Lays quality, dark brown eggs
About Betty's Eggs
White hen named Dolly


  • Dekalb White breed
  • Highly productive breed
  • Outstanding livability and good behavior
  • Lays premium white eggs
About Dolly's Eggs

Our Pasture-Raised Farm

Produced by local, Central Coast farmers

Pasture-raised eggs were laid by hens who live outdoors at all times. These hens still benefit from the protections of living on a farm, but they also enjoy engaging in natural behaviors like foraging for food in addition to their supplemented vegetarian feed. To learn more about our pasture-raised girls, meet the farmers who raise them.

About Pasture-Raised Eggs

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