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Wicker basket lined with blue checkered linen filled with white organic eggs

Organic Eggs

Rosemary Farm's organic eggs are laid by hens raised on 100% certified organic feed. Our layers enjoy plenty of space and enriching activities in their barn, where they practice instinctive behaviors and produce high-quality eggs.

Where to Buy Organic Eggs

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What Are Organic Eggs?

Our organic eggs come from hens on a pure, organic diet. They live in a cage-free area with plenty of space to roam, engage in natural behaviors, and lay delicious organic eggs in their nests.

Rosemary Farm remains deeply committed to the ethical treatment of hens in each of our habitats. We know that happy hens lay great eggs, so we prioritize their well-being to ensure a high standard of living so we can deliver deliciousness to your family.

Farmer's hand slowly feeding two brown hens in field
Close up of brown eggs and white eggs in an open egg carton

Benefits of Organic Eggs

Eating organic eggs is a great way to pack even more protein, healthy fat, and Vitamins A and E into your diet. We feed our hens a 100% certified organic diet to ensure that they lay only the highest quality eggs. Explore all products to find the egg that fits your family.

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