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Cage-Free Eggs

Rosemary Farm's cage-free eggs are laid by hens that freely roam their barn and access high-quality feed and clean water at all times. Our girls can explore their spacious environment and enjoy plenty of enrichments in the form of nests, perches, and scratch areas that support their natural behaviors.

Where to Buy Cage-Free Eggs

Use the store locator to find fresh, cage-free eggs near you.

What Are Cage-Free Eggs?

Cage-free eggs are laid by hens who live indoors — not in battery cages. They freely roam in barns with plenty of habitat enrichments that allow them to live happy lives and lay great eggs.

Rosemary Farm is committed to the ethical treatment of hens, and our cage-free layers are no exception. Commit to cage-free so that your family can enjoy the highest quality eggs.

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Benefits of Cage-Free Eggs

The cage-free life is good for our hens and good for your family. Our layers live a natural lifestyle with lower stress levels, resulting in better eggs. Explore all products to find the egg that fits your family.

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