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White bowl filled with brown eggs and white eggs next to a basket of eggs

Happiness Laid Daily

Quality, integrity, and excellence have been at the heart of Rosemary Farm since 1925. We practice mindful egg production and distribution to cultivate happier hens, better eggs, and a healthier community.

Wire basket filled with brown and white eggs surrounded by more eggs on a wooden table

Cage-Free Eggs

Our cage-free hens lay great eggs in an enriching indoor environment that promotes natural behavior.

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Multiple eggs in a pile that vary in color and size

Free-Range Eggs

Free to roam both indoors and outdoors, our free-range hens eat a vegetarian diet and lay high-quality eggs.

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Free-Range Plus

Free Range Plus is an egg variety that takes free range living to the next level. Enhancements boost our hens playtime and exercise routine.

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Pasture-Raised Eggs

Our pasture-raised hens live outdoors so that they can behave naturally. They also have access to high-quality feed so they can lay exceptionally great-tasting eggs.

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Organic Eggs

Opting for organic eggs supports happy hens and and brings nutrient-packed meals to your family's kitchen table.

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Nest on a wooden table filled with one brown egg, one white egg, and multiple specialty quail eggs

Specialty Eggs

Looking for something extra special? Our specialty varieties include nutritious quail eggs.

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