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A Boost of Sunshine

Whether you like your eggs sunny side up, scrambled, or baked into mouthwatering dishes like quiches, grab a carton of Healthy Dozen eggs and let the fun begin! With 5 times the Vitamin D and 2 times the Choline of regular eggs, these eggs will surely bring a sunny boost to your culinary creations!

A Boost of Sunshine. The Healthy Dozen

Get ready for some egg-stravagant meals with the the Healthy Dozen! These eggs are the ultimate go-to for cooking up delicious and nutritious goodies all year round, especially on those bright & sunny days! Not only do these eggs elevate your dishes, but they also contribute to your overall wellness. Vitamin D is essential for bone health and immune function, while Choline supports brain health and metabolism. By incorporating Healthy Dozen eggs into your meals, you're making a delicious choice that benefits your body and mind.

Elevate Your Summer Cooking with Healthy Dozen Eggs!

The possibilities are endless with the Healthy Dozen eggs. Whip up a vibrant shakshuka for a family brunch that brings everyone together, or create a delicate soufflé that impresses at your next dinner party. Their exceptional quality ensures that every dish is not just good but extraordinary.

If you're someone who loves meal prepping, these eggs are perfect for making protein-packed breakfast muffins or frittatas that can be enjoyed throughout the week. And for those who enjoy a bit of culinary creativity, try your hand at homemade pasta or custard, where the richness of these eggs will truly shine.

Children and adults alike will appreciate the superior taste and nutritional benefits of Healthy Dozen eggs. They're a fantastic way to sneak in extra nutrients into your kids' favorite foods, making mealtime both fun and wholesome.

What's the secret behind our Healthy Dozen superior nutrition? It's simple really - our hens enjoy extraordinary feed giving you extraordinary health benefits!

What is it? Kelp meal is dried seaweed ground into a meal form. Kelp meal helps prevent disease and promote improved health, such as providing a source of prebiotic fiber.

Feeding hens kelp meal may help them deal with heat stress and improve egg quality.

What is it? LinPRO-24 is a stable, all-natural Omega-3 feed ingredient. It’s a unique blend of flaxseed that is safe, has enhanced nutritional factors, and is easily digested and palatable to our hens. LinPRO-24 provides a significant level of Omega-3 fatty acids, which elevates levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in eggs. The overall result is a high quality and nutrient-dense feed ingredient designed to promote animal production and contribute towards their overall health.

What is it? ORO GLO® is a source of yellow pigmentation from marigolds. This feed ingredient gives our Healthy Dozen Eggs the rich, golden yolk color. Not only does this feeding ingredient give our eggs a beautiful yolk color, but it also increases the level of lutein. Lutein plays a significant role in eye health. Lutein may also reduce the risk for and progression of age-related macular degeneration. Our Healthy Dozen Eggs are an important source of Lutein.

Why Does it Matter?

Feeling a bit under the weather? Time to get up, get out, and soak up some Vitamin D! While we typically associate this essential nutrient with sunshine and supplements, you might be surprised to learn that EGGS are a powerhouse source, too.

Vitamin D isn't just great for strong bones and teeth - it's also a critical player in keeping our muscles, immune system, brain, and heart in tip-top shape. So, why wait? Grab those eggs and start feeling that Vitamin D magic!

Graphic saying "healthy dozen eggs have 2 times more choline than ordinary eggs"

What is Choline?

Listen up, folks! Choline might not be on your radar, but don't overlook this little gem hiding in your eggs! Choline is like a super nutrient that your brain and liver adore.

Plus, it's crucial for the delicate nervous system of growing babies. In fact, studies have shown that choline can give your brain a boost, helping with memory and learning. So go ahead and scramble up some brain food!

Spice up your table with a dose of sunshine

straight from our cheerful hens to your cozy nest!

Besides being a nutritional powerhouse and tasting divine, Healthy Dozen eggs champion ethical farming practices. Our hens live the good life in a free-range environment, strutting and pecking to their hearts' content, resulting in eggs that are fresher and tastier.

These happy hens enjoy both indoor and outdoor living spaces and munch on a vegetarian diet free of animal by-products. Expect eggs with vibrant yolks and unparalleled freshness that outshine the ordinary store-bought options. For egg enthusiasts seeking that extra nutritional oomph, our Healthy Dozen eggs are the way to go! Dive into a world of added essential vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, offering 5 times more Vitamin D and 2 times more Choline than your average eggs.

Versatility in Cooking

From dawn to dusk, Healthy Dozen eggs are your trusty sidekick for all your culinary escapades. Picture kicking off your morning with a veggie-packed omelet or treating yourself to a decadent chocolate cake with that dreamy texture thanks to these eggs. Head over to our recipe corner for a sprinkle of kitchen magic!


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