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Celebrate this Easter with the Healthy Dozen - a dozen eggs that are not only nutritious but also a symbol of ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Crack into the Egg-citement of Easter with the Healthy Dozen!

The free range hens that lay our Healthy Dozen eggs are living their best lives in a cozy indoor environment with ample perches for fun and the freedom to explore the outdoor pasture. We truly believe that happy hens lay the best eggs, and with the Healthy Dozen, you can enjoy your meals knowing that you are supporting a healthier and more humane way of farming. Let this Easter be a time of joy and gratitude, where every bite brings you closer to nature and the well-being of our feathered friends.

Free Range Eggs

Give a High-Five to Happy Hens!

Easter is around the corner, and the air is buzzing with the excitement of colorful eggs! Meet the Healthy Dozen eggs, the true stars of this festive show. These eggs are a powerhouse of goodness, giving your body all the love it needs while also showing appreciation to the cheerful hens that laid them.

Let's get to know the stars - the free range hens. These lucky ladies enjoy a life of luxury, from comfy indoor nests to an outdoor paradise, living their best clucking life. Their diet is top-notch, and they have all the space and amenities to keep them clucking with joy.

Thanks to their laid-back lifestyle, these hens lay eggs that are egg-ceptional for your Easter celebrations. By picking the Healthy Dozen, you're not just adding deliciousness to your table but also giving a high-five to the happy hens who worked hard to bring you these eggs.

What's the secret behind our Healthy Dozen superior nutrition? It's simple really - our hens enjoy extraordinary feed giving you extraordinary health benefits!

What is it? Kelp meal is dried seaweed ground into a meal form. Kelp meal helps prevent disease and promote improved health, such as providing a source of prebiotic fiber.

Feeding hens kelp meal may help them deal with heat stress and improve egg quality.

What is it? LinPRO-24 is a stable, all-natural Omega-3 feed ingredient. It’s a unique blend of flaxseed that is safe, has enhanced nutritional factors, and is easily digested and palatable to our hens. LinPRO-24 provides a significant level of Omega-3 fatty acids, which elevates levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in eggs. The overall result is a high quality and nutrient-dense feed ingredient designed to promote animal production and contribute towards their overall health.

What is it? ORO GLO® is a source of yellow pigmentation from marigolds. This feed ingredient gives our Healthy Dozen Eggs the rich, golden yolk color. Not only does this feeding ingredient give our eggs a beautiful yolk color, but it also increases the level of lutein. Lutein plays a significant role in eye health. Lutein may also reduce the risk for and progression of age-related macular degeneration. Our Healthy Dozen Eggs are an important source of Lutein.

Why Does it Matter?

Feeling a bit under the weather? Time to get up, get out, and soak up some Vitamin D! While we typically associate this essential nutrient with sunshine and supplements, you might be surprised to learn that EGGS are a powerhouse source, too.

Vitamin D isn't just great for strong bones and teeth - it's also a critical player in keeping our muscles, immune system, brain, and heart in tip-top shape. So, why wait? Grab those eggs and start feeling that Vitamin D magic!

Graphic saying "healthy dozen eggs have 2 times more choline than ordinary eggs"

What is Choline?

Listen up, folks! Choline might not be on your radar, but don't overlook this little gem hiding in your eggs! Choline is like a super nutrient that your brain and liver adore.

Plus, it's crucial for the delicate nervous system of growing babies. In fact, studies have shown that choline can give your brain a boost, helping with memory and learning. So go ahead and scramble up some brain food!

What sets the Healthy Dozen apart from regular eggs?

Double the Choline, double the power! Not only that, but they also contain 5X the amount of Vitamin D, a fundamental nutrient that benefits your muscles, immune system, heart, and brain.

Why settle for less when you can nourish your body and empower your brain with the Healthy Dozen?

Make your Easter even more egg-citing with eggs that not only taste great and are filled with superior nutrition but also come from a place of happy hens and healthy living.

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