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Egg Size

Have you ever wondered why eggs in the same carton might appear different in size? That is because eggs are categorized by weight! The USDA classifies eggs into six different categories based on the minimum net weight per dozen of eggs.

The Different Egg Sizes and What They Mean


While virtually never sold in grocery stores, peewee eggs measure 15 ounces per dozen. Peewee eggs are laid by very young hens. Since these are a rarity, you don’t have to worry about using them for cooking purposes.


A dozen of small eggs weighs at least 18 ounces per dozen. Smalls are laid by young hens in their first few months of laying capabilities. Small eggs are sometimes referred to as “pullet” eggs and are regularly sold to facilities for other egg product purposes; it’s very unlikely to find these in your grocery store.


Medium eggs are usually the smallest eggs you’ll find at your local grocery store weighing 21 ounces per dozen.

Volume: approximately 3 tbsp


Large eggs are the most commonly sold egg weighing in at 24 ounces per dozen. These are what most egg recipes will refer to.

Volume: approximately 3.5 tbsp

Extra Large

These eggs weigh 27 ounces per dozen.

Volume: approximately 4 tbsp


Jumbo eggs measure approximately 30 ounces per dozen.

Volume: approximately 4.5 tbsp

Egg Size Substitution Chart

3 large eggs are equivalent to:

3 medium eggs, 3 extra-large eggs, 2 jumbo eggs.

4 large eggs are equivalent to:

5 medium eggs, 4 extra-large eggs, 3 jumbo eggs

5 large eggs are equivalent to:

6 medium eggs, 4 extra-large eggs, 4 jumbo eggs.

6 large eggs are equivalent to:

7 medium eggs, 5 extra-large eggs, 5 jumbo eggs

Eggs & Baking

If you’re cooking scrambled eggs or an omelet, the size of the egg doesn’t matter since the eggs are the main ingredient. But with baking, proportion is key!

Eggs add moisture and stability in baking. Too much egg can cause a batter to spread, while not enough egg can dry it out.

If you need to measure an egg’s weight at home, simply use a kitchen scale. Just remember to weigh your eggs out of the shell.

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