Succulent Egg

Bring the outdoors inside this spring by using hollowed egg shells as a planter for small succulents, herbs, and flowers!


A pin

A thicker needle used for sewing with yarn

Small hammer

Succulent and soil

Nail Polish

Room temperature water in a cup



  1. Pour several drops of nail polish colors into cup of room temp water
  2. Use skewer to mix colors into marble effect
  3. Dip egg into water
  4. Once dry, put pin on top of egg and tap in with hammer
  5. Put yarn needle into hole created by pin and tap with hammer…use this to chip away at egg and drain yolk.
  6. Create large enough hole to plant succulent in
  7. Once egg is dry, plant succulent into egg


The instructions above are for creating a marbled effect on your eggs prior to planting the succulent. You can also plant the succulent in undecorated eggs, or eggs dipped in regular dye.

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