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Fresh & Free Range Plus is an egg variety that takes free range living to the next level.


Our pulp cartons are made from eco-friendly material that is fully recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. They also give our eggs exceptional protection and great ventilation.

Our Fresh & Free Range Plus eggs are available in medium, large and jumbo sizes. You can purchase them in pulp packaging in counts of 12. Cartons are packed with multi-colored eggs including shades of white, brown and blue eggs.

What makes Fresh & Free Range Plus different than normal Free Range?

Rosemary Farm-Bakersfield is revolutionizing Free Range standards with our Fresh & Free Range Plus eggs. Our focus on providing hens with exceptional living conditions goes beyond conventional practices.

  • Unlike typical Free Range systems, our hens have unrestricted outdoor access, ensuring their safety and comfort in all conditions. They can freely roam in a natural outdoor environment, engaging in activities such as dust bathing, foraging, and exploring.
  • To enrich our hens' lives further, we have integrated trees, stumps, haybale swings, ladders, and other enhancements to boost their playtime and exercise routine.

Indoors, our hens live in a spacious and stimulating environment that encourages their natural behaviors like nesting, perching, and socializing. They have the freedom to engage in essential activities like dust bathing and grooming, promoting their overall well-being. Additionally, our hens follow a meticulously crafted diet free from animal by-products, ensuring they receive optimal nutrition.

Fresh & Free Range Plus goes above and beyond Free Range standards by prioritizing superior care and living conditions. We are proud to ensure that our hens lead fulfilling and meaningful lives, setting a new benchmark for free range egg production in the industry. Our commitment to providing a high quality of life for our hens guarantees that when you choose our eggs, you are not only choosing a superior product but also supporting the well-being of our feathered friends.

Fresh Eggs Are Our Promise